Lazarus and Me

ISBN: 978-1-61036-413-3

Living Life in Lazarus Moments


Have you ever wondered what happened to Lazarus after Jesus resurrected him from death? Lazarus was given an extension of life and the time spent on earth. Do you think Lazarus lived a drastically different life after resurrection? Would you think and live differently if you were given such an opportunity?

Dr. Asher Chanan-Khan, a world-renowned cancer researcher and clinical oncologist, experienced such a "Lazarus moment" in his life when his own terminal cancer was miraculously paused, rendering him an extension of life. Now, 15 years later, Dr. Asher ponders upon his living in these Lazarus moments. Read on to learn about God’s grace in the face of imminent mortality and how the author’s journey in these extended moments of life are purposefully designed to bring glory to his Creator.

Lazarus and Me reflects modern-day struggles with historical hope. If we flip to the back of the book, we either win or we learn but we never lose. My hope is that you would find the strength in your journey to fight on as we discovered
in the [biblical] story of Lazarus and the words of Dr. Asher Chanan-Khan. —LOUIS UPKINS, Entrepreneur & Author of Treat Me Like a Customer

In Lazarus and Me, Dr. Chanan-Khan guides us to consider how to best invest our remaining days in the Lord’s service, just as Lazarus did. Our allotted number of days mean far less to God than how we choose to live them. Lazarus and Me is a vivid reminder of that reality. The personal testimony of my close friend, Dr. Chanan-Khan, about his battle with cancer will bring hope, faith, and rich encouragement to all those who read this inspiring book. —BILLIE HANKS JR., Founder, International Evangelism Association

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Lazarus and Me


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