ISBN: 9780882706160

The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis continue to stir the imaginations and hearts of young and old alike. What is their universal appeal? As you will see in this well-organized and fascinating Bible study guide, the mighty lion Aslan is still speaking today. His roar reverberates around the world with penetrating truths about:

The sovereignty of the CreatorThe plan of salvationGod's guidance and help in our livesThe joy of the LordEternal life in HeavenThe hope of the resurrectionThe return of Jesus Christ

Through thought-provoking questions, culturally relevant topics, and parallel Scripture passages, this book encourages the reader to discover the eternal truths found in all seven books of the Narnia series. These studies can be used either by individuals or small groups.

Teens and adults who love The Chronicles of Narnia, and desire to understand the meaning and depth of each of the stories, will draw nearer to the heart of God as they use this book to discover the timeless truths and eternal values of Narnia.

Julie Kloster is a freelance writer and regular contributor to, a division of Christianity Today International. Julie has served as a special education teacher, and an elementary school teacher. She has also ministered to children, young people, and women through speaking engagements and freelance writing. She lives in Sycamore, Illinois, with her husband and three teen-age daughters. Visit the author's web site:





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