Give Me 40 Days: A Readers 40 Day Personal Journey

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ISBN: 9781610362511

Your Invitation for an Encounter with God - 20th Anniversary Edition

In this special 20th Anniversary edition, join Freeda Bowers on a life changing 40-day journey. Give Me 40 Days is a timeless and practical devotional to help you put everything in your life (marriage, children, finances, fears, hopes and dreams) into a daily connection with Jesus. Give Me 40 Days is your personal invitation for an encounter with God.

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Give Me 40 Days: A Readers 40 Day Personal Journey


Give Me 40 Days, is a transformative devotional written for such a time as this. This enduring book of wisdom will teach you that spending time with God—hearing, praying, believing, and receiving makes a powerful tool to grow your spiritual walk. Give Me 40 Days, will encourage you to spend time building a relationship with the Father, no matter the trial or circumstances. Open this book and let it change your life.

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