Pentecost to the Present Trilogy Set

ISBN: 978-1610361552

Complete set of Pentecost to the Present. The author has carefully researched what evidence and reports there were in the early Church, and found that far from dying out, the Pentecostal sparks continued to spread through the known world. These three volumes give documented historic evidence of signs, wonders and miracles, leading to a massive expansion of the Church to the present day.

Book One: Prophetic and Spiritual Gifts Movements covers the period from the early Church through the Middle Ages when much of northern Europe was converted through miracle-working missionary monks. 

Book Two: Reformations and Awakenings covers the period from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century, including the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and how that affected Christianity both in Europe and the new World.

Book Three: Worldwide Revivals and Renewal brings us up to the present day, sparked by the Welsh Revival of 1904-5 and Azusa Street in 1906 followed by the charismatic renewal and the global rise of Pentacostalism.

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361552: Pentecost To Present, Trilogy Set

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Pentecost to the Present Trilogy Set


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