ISBN: 9781610361033

The Church is being invaded by spiritual parasites that are causing weakness, paralysis, blindness, and ineffectiveness in the Body of Christ today. Using the seven churches in the Book of Revelation as the backdrop for her teaching on this vital subject, Tina Blount speaks directly and convincingly about:

The parasite of busyness

The parasite of fear

The parasite of compromise

The parasite of tolerance

The parasite of hypocrisy

The parasite of inferiority

The parasite of complacency

The author writes, "Shortly after major surgery, I learned that a rare parasite had been found in my body. . . . I later learned that if the parasite had lived, it would have traveled to my eyes . . . Spiritual parasites do the same thing. They enter during moments of vulnerability or weakness, and, left unaddressed, they will feed off the host until they render it useless or destroy it."

This analogy is effective in that it not only warns us but it shows us how to deal with the problem through effective spiritual warfare. Let us heed this warning and protect the Church of Jesus Christ, our own lives, and our families through the strategies outlined in this eye-opening and every helpful book.

Tina Blount is a certified life coach, an inspirational speaker, and an inspirational author. She has extensive experience of leadership in both industry and ministry. Currently, she serves as an executive women's ministry leader in Plant City, FL. She is also a Bible teacher who is pursuing her ministerial credentials. Her ministry offers truth where life meets faith. Tina and her daughter, Jenna, live in Brandon, FL.





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